Our agency was born from a need to practice cutting edge design & share this experience with equally passionate people.

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Our team comes from very different backgrounds & industries, but our love for design is the same.

We have a diverse range of skills and experience which unifies our purpose of using design to feed our greater human potential. As a team of open-minded and adventurous souls, we have attracted many highly skilled friends who chose to work with us whenever the opportunity allows.

We are driven to meet at the gritty intersection of our passion and expertise, and we are inspired to use technology to improve the lives of others.

Journey with us we expand our experience and continue to learn and grow.


Nicol Ronga

Product Director

I live somewhere between the clouds and the nuts & bolts. I dwell on problems so that I can get a real kick out of good solutions. Working with passionate people drives me to be better. Building technology that solves real world problems for real people is what I'm all about.

I have been playing with tech since the 90s. Studied Computer Science & Information Design. I did my time at big agencies in many countries. I have the tools to take on almost any challenge.

Jade Sunderland

UX Designer

I design interfaces that delight users.

I’m always in the pursuit of great ideas and I thrive on the challenge of creating designs that are not only elegant and functional but also accessible to everyone.

I am fascinated by the intersection of beautiful interfaces and functional design and I see my work as a way to improve the connection between people and the products that they use.


Shelley Sherman

Operations Lead

I am passionate about technology and how it can be used to make the world a better place. My days are spent finding creative solutions to problem and helping others access their deepest talents. I am innately logical and highly organised.

I have learnt a lot from working in big corporates and have found my niche working with start-ups. You will often find me in nature or on a dancefloor in the middle of the desert.

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