We will guide you through the product design process from early innovation strategy through to product development

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We interview stakeholders and get to know you, your business and your customers. Our team has the skills to define or reinvent your offering whether you’re a start up, scale up or looking for an idea incubator.

We can help create or sharpen your value proposition  & design strategies using cutting edge techniques like design thinking.

By analysing your competitors, conducting both feasibility and viability studies, we will ensure your ideas have the best possible outcome.


An in depth understanding of your business and its customers is essential to the product design process. There is a recipe for human centered design.

Start by talking to customers, understanding their needs and then creating personas and user journeys that reflect the most likely engagement with your product.

Once we have an idea of who these people might be, we will go deeper into their lives and gather more real world data by means of field studies, contextual enquiry, diary studies and/or user observations.

UX/UI Design

Design It’s a good idea to validate your designs before you build but you can also use agile methodologies to get things done while you build. We start using low fidelity design techniques like paper prototyping or flow diagrams.

Once we have done some usability testing using these tools, we move to medium and high fidelity prototypes. UI (User Interface Design) can start at any time. We create responsive design templates and DSM’s (Design System Manager) for digital asset production and microinteractions.

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