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We built a Loyalty Aggregator app in under 3 months

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We were part of a bigger team

WhatsMine is a loyalty program aggregator. It came from an idea within Westfield's incubation programme. The project was handed over to Fusion Labs (a strategic innovation agency). We, as part of an agile team, were responsible for taking the app from ideation through development and beyond beta.

We had an aggressive timeline

Loyalty aggregators are a relatively unexplored space with no direct competitors and with very little available research. We needed to find a way to get rid of physical loyalty cards, whilst creating value for the retailers. A beta version of the product needed to be in the market in less than 3 months.

There is a recipe for innovation

Validate as many ideas as possible and fast. We looked to the double diamond design process model for some guidance and structure. We needed to understand the problem in detail and distill it down to it's essence before we could ideate. Once satisfied we could then start exploring solutions and testing prototypes with customers. Validated features were then passed pushed through to development.

Build first, design later

The dev team decided to start right away as this was an accelerator and deadlines were tight. We took agile to new levels by validating core functionality very early and then allowing UX design to catch up with dev without throwing away any code.

R.I.T.E (Rapid iterative testing & evaluation)

We needed to understand behaviour, desirability, pricing, language use and uptake. Various fidelity prototypes, experiments and tests were executed. We designed experiences, had conversations, shadowed customers and tested prototypes to try understand how users might interact with the app contextually.


There was an additional unexplored aspect to the app that required experimentation. Marketing was key to the success of the product and they needed data to start with. We created 4 social feeds and mimicked the experience one would have on the app to see which language and imagery had the most impact. We then implemented the winning formula.

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